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Why should I join

HAPCO offers its member the opportunity to network with distinguished professionals, in order for them to share views and expertise and keep themselves updated on the recent developments.


  • Subscription to newsletters regarding HAPCO and its members activities. HAPCO members can respectively exploit its network to share their business news.
  • Members receive business requests forwarded by HAPCO
  • Corporate profile promoted in HAPCO website
  • Reduced registration fee to Annual HAPCO Conferences
  • Promotion of members activities through the association’s international actions
  • Access to latest legislation and regulations
  • HAPCO protects members’ and MICE market’s interests and addresses the corresponding problems
  • Access to high level syllabus through the association’s educational actions
  • Recognition, as a member of the distinguished MICE professionals network
  • HAPCO members are represented in EFAPCO (European Federation of the Associations of Professional Congress Organizers)
  • HAPCO members contribute to the formulation of positions and proposals expressed in public dialogues about conference tourism
  • All association members have a right to vote and regular members can stand as candidates at HAPCO elections


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